ERK, in line with its experienced engineer staff and innovative vision, carries out thermal and mechanical design studies of shell and tube heat exchangers, air-cooled heat exchangers, economizers and many other types of standard type or personalized heat exchangers in accordance with international standards.



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Pressure Breaker Heat Exchangers: Powerful Solutions Enhancing Efficiency in High-Rise Buildings

ERK plate heat exchangers, resistant to high pressures, are your reliable solution partner for such requirements.
2024-03-02 02:37:00

ERK Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets: Excellent Solution for Sealing

Plate heat exchanger gaskets are specialized seals used to ensure tightness between the plates of the heat exchanger.
2024-03-04 02:37:05

ERK Plate Heat Exchanger Heat Transfer Plates: The Key to Efficiency

ERK Proses stands out with its expertise and reliable service in plate heat exchanger heat transfer plates.
2024-03-03 02:37:03

What Are The Components Forming Plate Heat Exchanger?

The equipment constituting plate heat exchangers is visually represented in the image below.
2024-03-08 02:37:11

Pressure Vessels: Types, Applications and Design Standards

Pressure vessels are closed-volume systems where gases or liquids are subjected to a specific pressure.
2024-03-09 02:37:14

What is box cooler?

A box cooler is a cooling system used in the maritime industry.
2024-03-07 02:37:09

Brazed Heat Exchangers vs. Plate Heat Exchangers

The differences between brazed heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers stand out with their reasons for preference and advantages.
2024-03-11 02:37:16

Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance: Long-lasting Performance of Your Equipment

Plate heat exchangers offer excellent solutions for heat and energy transfer. It's crucial to remember that regular maintenance plays a critical role in ensuring the long-lasting and effective perform...
2024-03-12 02:37:19

What are The Milk and Pasteurization Heat Exchangers?

Milk and pasteurization heat exchangers play a crucial role in processing milk safely and delivering it to consumers.
2024-03-06 02:37:07

What is Heat Exchanger? What are the Types and Application Areas?

Heat exchangers are products used to realize heat transfer between fluids that allow heat to be transferred from one medium to another.
2024-03-01 02:36:56